This "Scenery" is Moving Scenery. Wallpaper is HERE.
JAVA applet and GIF animation are multiused.
The load of CPU and Memory is large, and see the light version, please when not move.

(180Kb) Musashino 08/May/2002
  The monotonous world is located in the valley of a building.
  In cold rain, only the red of TORII appears in a small shrine.
  While in a good old atmosphere, I forget progress of time.
(72Kb) Flapping in Twilight 04/May/2002
  The bird which flutters was seen in twilight.
A flapping which escapes darkness and goes to darkness
utterly is foolish , powerful, and beautiful.
Flying to where in the darkness which continues to tomorrow.
(181.1Kb) Far Away 14/Feb/2002
  I liked tale of stellar ocean heard in a father's knee.
  "If you also wish, since it can surely go" he always talked so.
  Therefore, I will continue flying. Until arrives to your place....
(160Kb) Candle Night 24/Dec/2001
  Began to snow outside of a window.
  But it was warm in the interior of a room,
  and the light of a candle was merely fascinated.
I.E.4.0 & 5.0
Some Enchanted Evening 07/Jul/2001
  Sky and sea fusing, Sun-roard is occurs.
  Various things are also fusing.
  I think like that, some enchanted evening in South Pacific.
  Fascinating is sunset, "happy talk" with you.
(259Kb) Lavender Twilight 08/May/2001
  The sunsets to the field of lavenders.
  The sky and flower, all changes to attractive lavender-color.
  Whom shall I spend an twilight in such early summer with?
(118Kb) 2001: A Aurora Odyssey 01/Jan/2001
  I thought the future of very far 21 centuries in childhood.
  Didn't think that could live many times.
  Still now, I'm being bask in the light of the new century here.
(90Kb) Holly Night in Megalopolis 18/Dec/2000
  Asphaltic ground, concrete forest, electrical illuminations.
  Only coldly clear air in the natural thing.
  Though such a megalopolis, fascinated with Holly Night.
Light version
The 15th-year's Love Letter 25/Sep/2000
  The day, after 15 years when we encountered.
  With "Crimson Glory" again, for you.
  Plays "Special Day" from now on.
Light version
Sea Moon 26/Aug/2000
  The world is only glance,and cannot lived world.
  Does it fulfilled it someday if it keeps hoping to want to live?
  With seeing the moon of the sea
  instead of the moon of the sky.
(111Kb) A White Night 07/Aug/2000
  The night of snow which a person's sign disappeared to.
  A city becomes the different world during
  white darkness and the brightness.
(188Kb) The Fairy's Forest 01/Jul/2000
  I haven't been able to see a fairy since the child.
  Because it couldn't be seen I wanted to see which day it was.
  It yearns in that day when TinkerBell was being waited for....
(76Kb) The Night Sea 25/Jun/2000
  I was born in the sea ...
  Therefore, I like night sea!
  Someday, I want to see the night sea with you.