Welcome to "Fantastic Scenery".
Please watch my fantastic "Scenery", - ART - on my web site with music,
which is different from photo and illustration only.
I'm so happy if you could feel something from my work.

The contents where mark has adhered has been updated.

What's New

"Scenery" is Internet Explorer ver.4.0, ver.5.0, ver.5.01, ver.5.5SP1, SP2, ver.6.0, confirms the operation.
It is likely not to be displayed well in ver.5.5 and the Mac version.
Makes it on the screen display of 1152 X 864 pixel .
Please see it by "all the screen indication" when your display is small .
The biggest size which copes with it is 1280 X 1024 pixel. With True Collar.
Material Web and Desktop material. Wallpaper, ScreenSaver, Clip and Button.
Hotbar Skin Hotbar Skin Center.
It is a decoration tool of the browser for Windows, and skin for "Hotbar".
Album The actual "scenery" when it took a picture with the camera.
Guestbook Please, sign my Guestbook.
When it can have an impression and so on written, it is glad.
AutoLink Autolink & Private link. Self adding Automatic Link. Please add freely.
Add New Website is "UNICORN (Japanese language) "
Notes Production of each "Scenery"and this site record.
There is a previous link where music and script, etc. are borrowed, too.
Profile Profile and Contact us.
Works Works of CG and Illustration. There is also official wallpaper.
The most recent works is our catoons Mat "Downfall of the Japanese Empire".
Bear's Graffiti
Kuma7's Catoons, Material and wallpaper.

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I will be glad if you teach having linked by mail.

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